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Meat Market

Fresh Meat

Our meat is sourced from family farms and hand cut daily. Only the very best quality meats are in our case. You will see whole tenderloins, filets, ribeyes, tbones/porterhouses, sirloins, and more all at great prices!

Local Market

We have partnered with local producers to stock our shelves with fresh, local food and beverages. We have honey, preserves, dairy products, wines, beers and so much more. 



Smoked Meats

We offer smoked meats including snack sticks, jerky, canadian bacon, bacon, hot dogs, summer sausage, hams, and more! Our products are smoked in house with our recipes. We are proud of the products we have developed. Stop out and try them!

Fresh Sausages & Patties

We have fresh handmade patties and sausages in the case daily. Come try the freshest products featuring unique flavors!

Dry Aged
Beef & Pork

We dry age pork and beef in our Dry Ager. This machine controls temperature, air flow, and humidity inside. Meat dry aged in a climate controlled dry ager has a deeper flavor profile and is even more tender. Next time you are at the store ask about our dry aged products. They are sold on a first come, first serve basis. 

Dry Ager.jpg


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